Descriptions of Heaven and Jesus Christ

Below are portions of books by people who have been to heaven and returned to earth and described their experience (End Notes with references below):

They placed me at the feet of the most glorious Being I could ever imagine. A crown of pure light rested on His head, and hair as white as snow fell upon His shoulders. No words could begin to describe His splendor . . . I was totally overawed by Him. His goodness, tenderness, and love overwhelmed me. I bowed down.1 -Marietta Davis

He looked down at me. He had such beautiful eyes. I’ll never forget those eyes. They were so large and full of meaning – and kindness and forgiveness and compassion. Everything you would want to see in Jesus’ face was there.2 -Lorraine Tutmarc

I looked into Jesus’ eyes . . . they looked like wells of living love. It seemed as if one could see a half mile deep into them, and the tender look of His love is indescribable. As I looked into His face and into His eyes, I fell at His feet.3 -Kenneth Hagin

“I felt I had everything I ever wanted to have. I was everything I had ever intended to be. I was arriving at where I had always dreamed of being.”4 -Betty Malz

Eby calls his visit “unutterable . . . indescribable . . . spiritually resplendent . . . and most ecstatically moving.”5

The scene was “gorgeously unsurpassable in its beauty,” with the foliage having a radiance. It was a great outdoors of mountains, trees, flowers, music, and sweet smells. Forests of symmetrical trees unlike anything on earth covered the foothills on each side. Every tree was tall, graceful, perfect, unblemished . . . Rolling hills under cloudless skies seemed to stretch for miles. The skies were a new color, an iridescent white-gold light. The valley floor was gorgeous. Stately grasses with perfectly straight blades were mixed in with ultra-white, four-petalled flowers on stems two feet tall, with a touch of gold at the centers.6 -Richard Eby

She looked into his eyes, which were loving and clear as blue water, yet piercing. It was like she was mirrored in his eyes . . . There was a heavenly illumination that made his hair light red, his eyes bluish and transparent, and his skin a light gold color . . . “There is no way to describe his coloring. It is like another world’s color. It’s the Shekinah glory, iridescent golden light glowing through him.”7 -Valvita Jones

As he turned around, he saw Jesus Christ. The glory about Him moved toward Roberts and came upon him, engulfing him. Roberts fell to his knees, and tears began to stream from his eyes, running down his face. Jesus said, “I want to give you a tour through heaven, this place I have made for all who believe, because I love you so much.”8As he said this, tears again poured down Roberts’ face. To Roberts, Jesus’ presence is so tender that your joy turns to tears. 
He said repeatedly, “I love my people so much. Why do people not take me at My word? Do they not know that I have all power in heaven and on earth to back up what I said? It is so easy. I made it so simple. If people would just take me at My word, I will do what I said.”9 -Roberts Liardon

Richard saw a crystal city made entirely of glowing lights of different types. The lights gave off rays of glory brighter than the sun. The whole city was filled with tall buildings . . . Some were round, and one was shaped like a diamond.  There were choirs and angels singing from the heights. Richard still remembers weeping with adoration and joy at seeing and hearing these inexpressible things.10

Jesus walked onto the stage to thunderous praise, worship, and adoration. The Lord looked at people lovingly . . . “You could feel the Shekinah glory love that came out of Him. It was awesome . . . words fail.”11 -Richard Sigmund Suddenly . . . there stood Jesus . . . glory and power billowed all around Him . . . His piercing eyes were beautiful . . . the tenderness in His eyes’ is beyond a writer’s description. The loveliness of the Blessed Savior was awe-inspiring and wonderful.12 -Mary Baxter

A voice said: “Come with me into the Throne Room where the secrets of the universe are kept!”13Chrioni said to him: “You can never comprehend the depth of God’s love because it is too great!”14 -Roland Buck
“Jesus spoke with a voice that relayed the same love his glance transmitted to me – such gentleness and tenderness. Once you hear it, you will never forget it.”15 -Gerald Landry

The light was so intense, he had to look away and keep looking down . . . He is so big – you can’t describe Him in a dimension . . . The form of God’s body is somewhat like energy and spirit. The power, the energy-like smoke of God, covers all around the chair of the throne itself . . . There was a massive amount of energy, power, smoke, and noise there.16 -Jesse Duplantis

Jesus was dressed in a white robe down to His feet, with a golden sash around His chest. His eyes were gleaming and welcoming. His hair was white as snow, thick, and hanging down below His shoulders . . . His face oozed with love that was tangible and real . . .  His face is radiant and inviting.17 -Maurice Maelo

End Notes

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